Date: 27th April 2019
Anime: Mob Psycho 100 (I & II)
Song: FWLR – How We Win
Duration: 2:49min
Link for YouTube
After watching Mob Psycho 100 II I felt like making an AMV from it. Just action. I was liking the result, then I realized I could be able to send it to Big Contest and I took my chances. Huge thanks to Esencia for the poster!

Date: 17th March 2018
Anime: Various
Song: Flunk – Play
Duration: 4:15min
Link for YouTube
Some people wondered why I did not upload more videos anymore. The reason is that I am finishing my studies and I am involved in projects that take away me all the time (I’m working in a medium-lenght film). However, this weekend I was able to take time to re-edit an AMV that I made in 2015, whose lyrics were essential to capture the emotions of the entire video. I hope you can enjoy this new Anime Music Lyric Video.


♪ Leisurely [AMV] (Anime Music Lyric Video)

Date: 21th June 2017
Anime: Blame!
Song: Freestylers – Cracks (Ft. Belle Humble) (Flux Pavilion Remix)
Duration: 2:41min
Link for YouTube
I made this AMV in one day. I’m studying for final exams and I got some free time for this. I know is not perfect, but enjoy all you can :).

♪ Blame! [AMV] – Dyson Sphere


Date: 10th May 2017
Anime: Various
Song: Feint – Words (feat. Laura Brehm)
Duration: 3:47min
Link for YouTube
I first heard this song towards the end of 2016, and I fell completely in love with it. My first goal was to send this video to the AKROSS, but I didn’t want to rush it. During these months I’ve been working on the internal sync (making it different in each part of the song) and trying to make the transitions go along with scenes that had the same visual weight, so as to let the video get faster without hurting the eyesight.
Big Contest 2017: Best Action
Big Contest 2017: 7th place
– Best video overall
– Best design of visual effects
– Best editing
– Best credits and text management
– Best Poster / Presentation
– Best action
– Best drama video
– Best use of multiple sources
– Best dance video

♪ Ventus Fugit [AMV] – Big Contest 2017

Date: 19th February 2017
Anime: Noragami
Song: Iggy Azalea – Trouble ft. Jennifer Hudson
Duration: 1:53min
Link for YouTube
My entry for AMV Roulette Round 1. The requirements: Romance as video genre, Rap/country/funk as music genre and as special requirement, video must feature at least 10 seconds of characters using swords. I had fun making this video and forced me to edit in a specific way, I’m very happy with the result after all problems during the week, and if you are happy, the rest doesn’t matter!
AMV Roulette Round 1: 6th place

♪ Noragami [AMV] – Trouble!

Date: 26th December 2016
Anime: Haikyuu!!
Song: The Exies – What You Deserve
Duration: 3:10min
Link for YouTube
Haikyuu!! In season 3 Karasuno is determined to take down Shiratorizawa. Will the “Flightless Crows” finally find their wings and soar above the best school in the prefecture?
In this video I tried to vibrate feelings that people had with first AMV “Call My Name”, avoiding the development they got in previous seasons and focusing in the obstacle they have to overcome.

♪ Haikyuu!! Third Season [AMV] – What You Deserve

Date: 18th December 2016
Anime: Himouto! Umaru-Chan
Song: Cosmos & Creature – Young
Duration: 2:42min
Link for YouTube
I’ve never thought I would make an AMV with Umaru-chan, but I really enjoyed when I watched the anime. This is specially dedicated to my friend Moe Music, who reached 15k subs at the same time than me, so I take advatage of this for saying to you: thank you so much.
Videoclip for Moe Music’s channel

♪ Himouto! Umaru-Chan [AMV] – Young

Date: 27th November 2016
Anime: Days (TV)
Song: Shiny Toy Guns – You are the one
Duration: 2:56min
Link for YouTube
Don’t give up, follow your dreams.
First time I kicked a ball was with 2 years old. I’ve been playing in a football team for 10 years plus I started playing on console since FIFA 2004 (then PES, fifa street blabalablablabla). I’m a fan of all FIFA soundtracks and “Shiny Toy Guns – You are the one” still give me goosebumps, one of my favourite songs ever.
Soccer was a really important part from my past and I spent summers in the park with my ball, that’s how I became really good and even I had the oportunity of playing against teams like Real Madrid or Atlético de Madrid, but what I’m sure I won’t forget is all these moments before starting a match: the nerves and the desire are mixed.
Not all things are beautiful, we had to learn to lose, but remember, you are the one.

♪ Days (TV) [AMV] – You Are The One

Date: 20th November 2016
Anime: Yuri On Ice
Song: Antonio Vivaldi – Four Seasons (Winter)
Duration: 3:32min
Link for YouTube
I consider classical music one of the most interpretable in terms of instrumental genre. Music is a way of expression and some artists from this period used it. I really needed to make this video, combining figure skating, that requires artistic interpretation and technical developments, for finally transmit something to people.
I put special attention on coloring, with cold colors, and build an atmosphere around the whole video. I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did.

♪ Yuri On Ice [AMV] – The Art of Movement

Date: 14th November 2016
Anime: Death Parade
Song: Echos – Fiction
Duration: 2:15min
Link for YouTube
Paranoia tells the story about a girl who wakes up in a room and discovers she can see how other people died by touching objects that belonged to those owners, but still does not understand why she is there.

♪ Death Parade [AMV] – Paranoia

Date: 6th November 2016
Anime: Various
Song: Feint – Take It In (ft. Koven)
Duration: 2:06min
Link for YouTube
Some of you really enjoy dance AMVs with Feint as much as I love making them. This time I want to transmit to you good vibrations and happiness. The concept is warm colors like a sunset. You can see differences between parts with blues because this is a collaboration with ProuDreamer!

♪ Existencia [AMV] – Anime Mix

Date: 23th October 2016
Anime: Shokugeki no Souma 2
Song: Excision & Pegboard Nerds – Bring The Madness (Noisestorm Remix)
Duration: 2:05min
Link for YouTube
I experimented something different in terms of camera movement because I think it can make a static clip very cool if you know how to do it, so the best advice for discovering it is just try it!

♪ Shokugeki no Souma 2 [AMV] – Bring the Food!

Date: 10th October 2016
Anime: Re:Zero
Song: Adventure Club – Limitless (feat. Delaney Jane)
Duration: 4:05min
Link for YouTube
Jozt and me decided to collab using “Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu” for the weekend and this is the result! I don’t know if is the video or the song, but we got goosebumps watching it.

♪ Re:Zero [AMV] – Limitless

Date: 2nd October 2016
Anime: Mob Psycho 100
Song: Celldweller – End of an Empire
Duration: 2:11min
Link for YouTube
Some days ago I finished Mob Psycho 100 and I thought about taking advantage of the animation for making an intense action video, enjoy!

♪ Mob Psycho 100 [AMV] – Crescendo

Date: 23th September 2016
Anime: Ao Haru Ride
Song: Didrick x Ember Island – Smoke
Duration: 2:58min
Link for YouTube
Collab with DinaniC. In this video we both tried to combine our styles with a calm song and it was hard for us when we are used to make more dynamic videos. Anyways, we love this song and it was a pleasure to edit with it.

♪ Ao Haru Ride [AMV] – Fools in Love

Date: 17th September 2016
Anime: Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Song: Thousand Foot Krutch – Down
Duration: 2:14min
Link for YouTube
Hello again! I started rewatching HxH and I don’t regret about it, because that’s the reason I made this AMV. I’ve never edited action with rock since my second video ever. Enjoy

♪ Hunter x Hunter [AMV] – Down

Date: 18th August 2016
Anime: Various (+98)
Song: Owl City – Fireflies (DJ Strobe Remix)
Duration: 2:56min
Link for YouTube
This AMV can be considered as tribute to Shinzo and his AMV “Around the World”, so thank you for inspiring tons of people and this project, so the concept of mixing this videoclip with sources are not my property.
I really enjoyed creating something like this and I felt how the music caught me in the moment I advanced for the timeline, playing with different rhythms and styles. Also, I didn’t think to spend a lot of hours on this but I did it because I was liking the result!! I would lie if I say I didn’t think to drop it, but finally I didn’t give up and it’s one of my favourites creations.

♪ Lightyears [AMV] – Anime Mix

Date: 30th July 2016
Anime: Koutetsujou no Kabaneri
Song: Brennan Heart – Alternate Reality
Duration: 2:11min
Link for YouTube
This AMV has been made in 3h and I wanted to edit with a different style of song, and I understand you dislike it, but I enjoyed testing something new. About the anime, you have to know I didn’t show several spoilers. Hardstyle is an electronic dance genre mixing influences from hard techno and hardcore.

♪ Koutetsujou no Kabaneri [AMV] – Qlimax

Date: 19 July 2016
Anime: Various
Song: Feint – Snake Eyes (feat. CoMa)
Duration: 2:06min
Link for YouTube
(Headphones recomended) Hello! This video has been made in 3 days for Rising Water II contest. This AMV is based in Pale Coccon OVA and the character’s desire to know the past, then he discovered how humanity destroyed itself. It were 3 hard days in which I focused in scene selection and internal sync + natural transitions with the beats from the bass. About the AMV, I don’t want to give, so much details, so you can interpret the end as you want, enjoy!
IC Rising Water II 3rd place

♪ Epifanía [AMV] – Anime Mix

Date: 1st July 2016
Anime: Kiznaiver
Song: Beauty of the Unhidden Heart – The Glitch Mob
Duration: 2:11
Link for YouTube
I started making this video one week ago and I’ve put more effort and dedication than the latest videos. I didn’t want to show spoilers and that’s the reason you cannot understand 100% the video. I recommend you to use headphones for watching this with 1080p and let your mind go. Also, If you enjoy Drama or Sci-Fi genre, you can enjoy this serie.

♪ Kiznaiver [AMV] – Scars

Date: 5th June 2016
Anime: Erased
Song: The Sound of Silence – Simon & Garfunkel
Duration: 3:05min
Link for YouTube
(Headphones recommended): Hello, this time I’ve made a Boku dake ga Inai machi AMV in 5hours today. When I finish my exams (summer)I will try to make better videos with more effort. Enjoy!
Problems with the audio? Nope, it’s the sound of silence 🙂

♪ Erased [AMV] – The Sound of Silence

Date: 12th May 2016
Anime: Various
Song: Alle Farben – She Moves feat. Graham Candy
Duration: 3:00
Link for YouTube
A story within a story. Our protagonist finds herself with a long face, without understanding why. All she knows is that to find the truth, one must search for it. Her ideal place, her utopia, is somewhere yet unexplored. Along the way she’ll experience emotions such as excitement, eagerness, resignation, frustration… but nothing can stop her. Will she ever find that place? What if her real purpose is to understand what the world has to offer?
This idea was based off the music video of “She Moves” by Alle Farben, but I felt as if that small story had more potential than what the video had to offer. I started looking back at the movies and shows I’ve seen during my life and I made a picture in my head, something that suited the song harmoniously. I made the backgrounds from scratch to materialize something different, something unique. After months of hard work, this is the result.
This has been my most personal project to date due to what it represents: the protagonist represents my uneasy soul, always searching for new horizons, new challenges, and ironically doesn’t feel comfortable in her comfort zone. The different backgrounds, colors and shapes play the part of the unlimited possibilities that creating has to offer. The person who closes the book at the end stands for the people who enjoy the result of their creation.
That’s why this video is dedicated to all of those restless souls that don’t know, but dedicate their time to find out, what their life will bring next. Special thanks to Cases for the drawings that you can see in the second half of the video, to DinAniC, Gabber, ZOD and Beniamin for their constant support and to all of those who believed in me while I was working on my project.

BIG CONTEST 2016 – Best video overall: 14th place
Best romance or sentimental video: 3th place

♪ Oasis [AMV] – Big Contest 2016

Date: 22th March 2017
Anime: ♪ Haikyuu!! Second Season
Song: Shinedown – Enemies
Duration: 3:08min
Link for YouTube
This video was made in 3 weeks, editing 5 seconds per day but the last day I edited almost 1 minute because I was too tired with the project, that’s why maybe you find bad details in FX, but well I’m not a pro of them too hahahaha. Also is not a video for a contest and this is a hobby after all, so don’t be rude and enjoy all you can 🙂

♪ Haikyuu!! Second Season [AMV] – Enemies

Date: 9th February 2016
Anime: Shokugeki no Souma
Song: edIT – If You Crump Stand Up
Duration: 2:00min
Link for YouTube
What’s up? x) I made this AMV today in 4 hours because I wanted to edit something but at the same time I didn’t want to make it perfect, so sorry if you don’t like this random video, I know that is a bad :P. But hey, finally I’ve made an AMV with Yukihira Soma! FINALLY.

♪ Shokugeki no Souma [AMV] – Let’s Cook!

Date: 23th January 2016
Anime: One Punch Man
Song: D-Rage & Crazyx – Hero’s Awakening
Duration: 5:07min
Link for YouTube
First I focused in secondary charachters who fights against villains and then Saitama appears in the second half. I prefered to focus in composition and internal sync instead effects. I made this project on holidays and I wanted to finish it at time for making the AKROSS con video, so yeah.. I spent my holidays on this.
Videoclip of the song D-Rage & Crazyx – Hero’s Awakening

♪ One Punch Man [AMV] – Hero’s Awakening


Date: 17 January 2016 / 21 February 2016 (60fps version)
Anime: Various
Song: Feint & Boyinaband – Time Bomb (feat. veela)
Duration: 3:40min
Link for YouTube
Beat O’clock is an AMV I made with the intention of expressing my personal interpretation of the song as well as to share with the world what I visualize when I close my eyes.
The definition of speed, ideas, rhythm and my own personal thoughts came along the way in the making of the video. While I was progressing, it became a continuous source of inspiration.
I also wanted to choose all of these scenes in order for the viewers to freely interpret the video in their own way and not focus on an objective and narrow-minded perspective. The video was made in order for people to immerse themselves, triggering determined feelings, different from each individual.
This video is especially dedicated to my friend Nanuk, who has helped me a lot along the way telling me to never give up. He hasn’t made any AMV’s yet, but he has some audiovisual knowledge and a good critical sense, making him the best spectator possible. I also wanted to thank Nostromo for inspiring me on doing what I’ve done. Thanks to Dreww for supporting me a lot with the video and a part of the source you can see, and thanks to Esencia for making the poster.
This is a video for getting the energy for reaching our own objectives, also to keep away whatever we can’t follow and accept it. There is moments in our life that we’re waiting for someone or something, and we forget ourselves, that’s why we can’t enjoy moments that seems some fast when the future comes, but it’s worth moving forward.
The editing process started not so long ago, but I’ve always had this idea in my head. Beat O’clock is a video for EDM and Anime lovers, but also for those who know how to reach the objective, sometimes hard or sometimes too simple, that is confronting yourself.
►AKROSS 2015: 7th Best Video, 2nd Best Dance
AMVorg VCA’S 2017 Finalist
Hotaru AMV Contest 1st place
Aniventure2016 2nd Best Action

♪ Beat O’clock (60fps) [AMV] – AKROSS 2015

Date: 1st November 2016
Anime: Charlotte
Song: Nightcall (ft. Dreamhour) – Dead V
Duration: 2:10min
Link for YouTube
A person who doesn’t know where he goes… is he dead? Why other persons can’t see him? Who is that girl and why he feels that is different from others? he has to discover it for escaping from oblivion. Cubes represent life
This collab has been made in 3 hard days for SpeedProof IC contest.

SpeedProof IC: 3rd place Overall

♪ Charlotte [AMV] – Beyond Oblivion

Date: 28th October 2015
Anime: Various
Song: Flunk – Play
Duration: 4:19min
Link for YouTube
( I recommend headphones) ( I added subtitles for following the video)
In our life, sometimes we feel stressful, and maybe we give importance to things that are unimportant. What’s important? We don’t know the answer, and maybe we can’t know it right now.
Maybe we should watch our own life leisurely, and felt all we lost from our eyes.I always thought that Inori (Guilty Crown) has a special aura, and you can appreaciate it in the anime, so I decided that she was the best girl for “singing” this kind of song. I followed the lyrics and connected scenes at the same time. Also, some parts of the AMV have a close relation with anime story, but I won’t spoil! so if you understand that maybe you will enjoy the vido more!
Thanks to Flunk for making this perfect song, your music always catch me.
Thanks to GabberMD for supporting me and open my mind for improving, this video can be more enjoyable because you betatested me.
Gold AMV 2015 – 2nd Place

♪ Leisurely [AMV] – Anime Mix

Date: 12th October 2015
Anime: Kyoukai no Kanata
Song: B-Complex – Beautiful Lies
Duration: 2:28min
Link for YouTube
I wanted to make an AMV with this movie since May, and I had cut the song and I ask for the artist permission. With all okay, this is the result. This AMV was made in 3 days. Also I’ve taken advantage making the video for testing new things.

♪ Kyoukai no Kanata: I’LL BE HERE [AMV] – Follow me 2.0

Date: 30th September 2015
Anime: Various
Song: Feint – We Won’t Be Alone (feat. Laura Brehm
Duration: 2:02min
Link for YouTube
Collab with xShywings. We made this collab cause of I was watching the new AMV in her channel and I realized that she was almost 5k subs like me, so we start talking about that and we had the idea of making a collab.
The title is a spanish word, it means ” Flying”. We just let “flying” our imagination in this video. We enjoyed a lot making this video and I hope you enjoy it too!!!!

♪ Volando [AMV] – Anime Mix

Date: 22th July 2015
Anime: Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis
Song: D-Rage & Crazyx – Dragon’s Awakening
Duration: 3:46
Link for YouTube
In collaboration with D-Rage & Crazyx, who put the song again :D. They are awesome! Be sure of take a look to their music!
(If you like epic action, you should take a look to the anime, I recommend you)

Videoclip of the song D-Rage & Crazyx – Dragon’s Awakening

♪ Shingeki no Bahamut [AMV] – Dragon’s Awakening

Date: 21th July 2015
Anime: Grisaia no Kajitsu
Song: Synaecide – Sculped Lens
Duration: 2:22min
Link for YouTube
(I highly recommend headphones for watching it, so you will can appreciate the details)
This AMV was made in 72 hours and participates in the Imagination Overflow Team IC. Thanks to Redrum for his tips, without his help I couldn’t have made this project. I always like to make something different and testing genres that are out of my comfort zone in the IC contest.
It’s the first time that I try a psychedelic AMV but I would want to do it. I think that is very important making a good atmosphere, that’s why I focused on it, but I’d have liked to make it better because I can improve it, but I had no time. The first day I searched scenes and I cutted it. The second day I added the scenes to the timeline and made the video and outro. The last day I changed some clips and I added correction color, effects and basic camera moves.
I really learned a lot in theses 72 hours and I’m quite happy. That’s all, I hope you enjoy it!

Imagination OverFlow Team 1st Place
Colorado Anime Fest 2016 – Judges´ Choice – Master of Technical Effects

♪ Grisaia no Kajitsu [AMV] – Ambush

Date: 30 June 2015
Anime: Various
Song: Porter Robinson – Sad Machine
Duration: 3:30min
Link for YouTube
The most difficult and original project that I’ve made. I had the idea 3-4 months ago and I couldn’t stop thinking about that I had to make an AMV. I put a lot of effort and I got experience making it.
The storyline is a robot who is alone in a world, but he perceives that there are lights with one direction: the sky. He asks if is anyone there, and a person responds. Then he decides to search her in another world. What will happen?
When Porter Robinson wrote the lyrics of the song, people didn’t know what that meant and they were very confused, and I think that there are different interpretations. This is how I hear the music with my eyes.
This video was made for Japan Expo 2015 and unfortunately it hasn’t been finalist.

♪ Lights Of Hope [AMV] – Japan Expo 2015

Date: 21th Juny 2015
Anime: Owari no Seraph
Song: Yugen – Expect us.
Duration: 2:10min
Link for YouTube
I finished my AMV for Japan Expo 2015 and I can’t upload it until the contest ends. I would want to upload something for all of you. This AMV has been made in 4 hours. ENJOY

♪ Owari no Seraph [AMV] – SERAPH

Date: 24th May 2015
Anime: Fate/Stay Night:UBW
Song: D-Rage & Crazyx – Battle of the Ancients
Duration: 3:48min
Link for YouTube
If you like Fate/Stay Night, you really love the video. If you haven’t watch the anime, I recommend you.
This time, I’ve made an action AMV with a epic song! The video was completed weeks ago, but I’ve revised it a lot of times for improving it.
Battle of the Ancients was created in collaboration with D-Rage & Crazyx, who made the song, and this is the final result!

Videoclip of the song D-Rage & Crazyx – Battle of the Ancients

♪ Fate/Stay Night:UBW [AMV] – Battle of the Ancients

Date: 9th May 2015
Anime: Mirai Nikki
Song: Butch Clancy – Far away from me
Duration: 2:40min
Link for YouTube
“Heartbeat” is a single pulse of the heart as it takes in blood and pumps it out.
I decided to put that title because of fits perfectly with my video. Sometimes we feel altered or we feel calm.
Our protagonist, Gasai Yuno, is involved in a fight for survival to be with her love, Yukki.
How will be our heart when he fights for what he wants most?
In this video I’ve tested some new things because someday I had to risk 😛 I hope you like it

Big Contest 2015: Best overall video: 24th

♪ Mirai Nikki [AMV] – Heartbeats (Big Contest 2015)

Date: 27th April 2015
Anime: Guilty Crown
Song: Eekoz – Bang it
Duration: 2:03min
Link for YouTube
This AMV was made in 3 hours. I was bored and I thought that I had lost practice, so I opened Sony Vegas and I started editing ^^.

♪ Guilty Crown [AMV] QUICK

Date: 30th March 2015
Anime: Various
Song: Madeon – Cut The Kid
Duration: 2:14min
Link for YouTube
This AMV was made in 3 days for a Prometheus IC Contest.
This is my first AMV of Dance, I hope you enjoy it!
You guys are awesome and makes me so happy.

Best Dance
3rd place Overall 

♪ New Feelings [AMV] (PROMETHEUS IC: Best Dance)

Date: 1st March 2015
Song: Stop and Stare – One Republic
Duration: 3:40min
Link for YouTube
I recorded the videos since Saturday, so the video was made in 1.5 days ^^.
This is probably the most original project that I’ve made until today. I got up early for recording some videos. I’m so happy with the final result. I hope you like it.
What’s the sense? I don’t know.. it was simple inspiration 😀
I took the photo of the field of sunflowers last year, when I traveled 🙂

Tekko 2015 Best Artistic Endeavor

♪ CLANNAD [AMV] – Our Link | Souls Team IC 11

Date: 16th January 2015
Anime: Shigatsu wa kimi no uso
Song: Crystallize
Duration: 2:32min
Link for YouTube
Who are you? Where are you?
Here’s my submission for the first year that I’m going to participate in AKROSS Con. I’ve decided to make a Trailer because I wanted to let another genres to the best editors.
This is the first time that I’ve done a trailer and I have to say that this work have been the most difficult project for me, since the selection of scenes, the creation of a storyline until all my hard work. I’ve trying not to make really spoilers and show you that this anime will touch your feelings.

39º Best Video
4º Best Romance/Sentimental
3º Best Trailer/Opening
22º Best Presentation/Design
25º Viewes Choice


Date: 7th January 2015
Anime: Haikyuu!!
Song: Fireflight – Stay Close
Duration: 3:40min
Link for YouTube
Haikyuu!! For all people who like anime sports, you have to watch this!
I tried to make an AMV of Sports and this was the result. So long for me but now is finished. Enjoy 🙂

♪ Haikyuu!! [AMV] – Call My Name

Date: 19th December 2014
Anime: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
Song: Breathe – Telepopmusik
Duration: 2:13min
Link for YouTube
In our life, sometimes we feel stressful, and maybe we give importance to things that are unimportant. What’s important? We don’t know the answer, and maybe we can’t know it right now.
Another day, just believe,
Another day. Just breathe.
Finally, I finished my exams and I wanted to make some like this ^^.

♪ Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko [AMV] – Another Day

Date: 24th NOvember 2014
Anime: Kyoukai no Kanata
Song: Tristam – Follow Me
Duration: 2:38min
Link for YouTube
This video was made in one day. I was inspired and I think that it is one of my best projects, what is your opinion?
Holiday Matsuri 2014 – Best in Show
Ikkicon 2015 Finalist
Ohayocon 2015 – Best Action
AMV Main Alliance – AMV Of The Year 2014 – Best Action

♪ Kyoukai no Kanata [AMV] – Follow Me (Ohayocon 2015: Best Action)

Date: 5th October 2014
Anime: Various
Song: Marilyn Manson – Resident Evil Theme
Duration: 2:00min
Link for YouTube
Hi all! This AMV was made in 1.5 days, for a IC contest, I’ve decided to make a video of terror and is my first time, so don’t blame me ^^
The Next Iron Chef 1st Place
The best 2014 Horror music video: 2nd place (AMV Alliance Main)


Date: 7th September 2014
Anime: Nisekoi
Song: Rock Mafia – The Big Bang
Duration: 2:35min
Link for YouTube
What is the reason that we are alive?
Hi all =) This is my new AMV an this time I’m quite happy with the final result. I tried to make a good atmosphere and history. I hope you like it!!

Bakuretsu Con 2014 Finalist
ShadoCon 2014 Best in Show
AMVerse’s Anniversary AMV Contest 2014 Best Drama

♪ Nisekoi [AMV] – The Big Bang (ShadoCon 2014: Best in Show)

Date: 19th August 2014
Anime: Kyoukai no Kanata
Song: Animus Vox – The Glitch Mob
Duration: 2:18min
Link for YouTube
I’ve made an AMV of Kyoukai no Kanata when I was a beginner, and now… well, you will see 😛
NewConPDX 2015 Instrumental Finalist (2nd Place)

♪ Kyoukai no Kanata [AMV] – DEMONS

Date: 27th September 2014
Anime: Various
Song: Teminte – Firepower
Duration: 3:10min
Link for YouTube
Hi!! This video was made on July and now I’ve uploaded it. I’ve improved since this work and I know that is not a good amv(more or less).

♪ FIREPOWER [AMV] – Anime Mix

Date: 11th July 2014
Anime: No Game No Life
Song: She – Coloris
Duration: 2:36min
Link for YouTube
Hi all! I’ve started to make this AMV since 1th July
This is my 5th AMV in less the last year,and I’m quite happy with the final result.
For my next project I’ll try upgrade my level 🙂

NewConPDX 2015 Action Finalist (2nd Place)

♪ No Game No Life [AMV] – THE FUTURE

Date: 18th January 2014
Anime: Kyoukai no Kanata
Song: In the Shadows – The Rasmus
Duration: 2:57min
Link for YouTube
This is my second amv, i am a beginner and this AMV has been made only with Sony Vegas. I wanna learn to use Adobe After Effects for my next AMV or something like that 🙂 Thanks for watching! 😀

♪ Kyoukai no Kanata [AMV] – In The Shadows