♪ Mirai Nikki [AMV] – Heartbeats (Big Contest 2015)


Date: 9th May 2015
Anime: Mirai Nikki
Song: Butch Clancy – Far away from me
Duration: 2:40min
Link for YouTube
“Heartbeat” is a single pulse of the heart as it takes in blood and pumps it out.
I decided to put that title because of fits perfectly with my video. Sometimes we feel altered or we feel calm.
Our protagonist, Gasai Yuno, is involved in a fight for survival to be with her love, Yukki.
How will be our heart when he fights for what he wants most?
In this video I’ve tested some new things because someday I had to risk 😛 I hope you like it

Big Contest 2015: Best overall video: 24th