♪ Leisurely [AMV] – Anime Mix


Date: 28th October 2015
Anime: Various
Song: Flunk – Play
Duration: 4:19min
Link for YouTube
( I recommend headphones) ( I added subtitles for following the video)
In our life, sometimes we feel stressful, and maybe we give importance to things that are unimportant. What’s important? We don’t know the answer, and maybe we can’t know it right now.
Maybe we should watch our own life leisurely, and felt all we lost from our eyes.I always thought that Inori (Guilty Crown) has a special aura, and you can appreaciate it in the anime, so I decided that she was the best girl for “singing” this kind of song. I followed the lyrics and connected scenes at the same time. Also, some parts of the AMV have a close relation with anime story, but I won’t spoil! so if you understand that maybe you will enjoy the vido more!
Thanks to Flunk for making this perfect song, your music always catch me.
Thanks to GabberMD for supporting me and open my mind for improving, this video can be more enjoyable because you betatested me.
Gold AMV 2015 – 2nd Place