♪ Beat O’clock (60fps) [AMV] – AKROSS 2015



Date: 17 January 2016 / 21 February 2016 (60fps version)
Anime: Various
Song: Feint & Boyinaband – Time Bomb (feat. veela)
Duration: 3:40min
Link for YouTube
Beat O’clock is an AMV I made with the intention of expressing my personal interpretation of the song as well as to share with the world what I visualize when I close my eyes.
The definition of speed, ideas, rhythm and my own personal thoughts came along the way in the making of the video. While I was progressing, it became a continuous source of inspiration.
I also wanted to choose all of these scenes in order for the viewers to freely interpret the video in their own way and not focus on an objective and narrow-minded perspective. The video was made in order for people to immerse themselves, triggering determined feelings, different from each individual.
This video is especially dedicated to my friend Nanuk, who has helped me a lot along the way telling me to never give up. He hasn’t made any AMV’s yet, but he has some audiovisual knowledge and a good critical sense, making him the best spectator possible. I also wanted to thank Nostromo for inspiring me on doing what I’ve done. Thanks to Dreww for supporting me a lot with the video and a part of the source you can see, and thanks to Esencia for making the poster.
This is a video for getting the energy for reaching our own objectives, also to keep away whatever we can’t follow and accept it. There is moments in our life that we’re waiting for someone or something, and we forget ourselves, that’s why we can’t enjoy moments that seems some fast when the future comes, but it’s worth moving forward.
The editing process started not so long ago, but I’ve always had this idea in my head. Beat O’clock is a video for EDM and Anime lovers, but also for those who know how to reach the objective, sometimes hard or sometimes too simple, that is confronting yourself.
►AKROSS 2015: 7th Best Video, 2nd Best Dance
AMVorg VCA’S 2017 Finalist
Hotaru AMV Contest 1st place
Aniventure2016 2nd Best Action