These 4 projects have some things in common: passion, effort, dedication, desire to improve myself and the need to express something. What is the process behind them?

You will find interesting information about how I faced a large-scale project and why all the hours spend are worth.



Lights of Hope  – “So Lighs of Hope! I enjoyed this AMV because the spirit is really incredible… When I look this clip, the spirit always passes before the technique (the outside appearance) and nowadays it is very rare! The Feelings are so well retranscribed, the music is really cool, and the story is very understandable. Really great for a fan of anime and of robot!” Sagiki


Beat O’clock This amv has some technically new aspects when it comes to flow. The way it does is way different than the normal mainstream nowadays or the oldie inspirational dance/flow Amvs. The internal-sync plus the scene selection with the color editing makes it flow really well. In my opinion one of the newest ways to edit a dance AMV since years. The few masks in combination with the elements added over the scenes to make the amv flowless, all thos elittle details with the scene selection, all the colors adds on top of the scenes, over the details, it just makes it flow so well. I loved it as entire work amd I’m glad people like Strat try to come up with something new, not just as concept or ideas but also technically. Also the scene selection all over something new there too, most of dance AMVs has this common aspects from masks to scene selection. I can count a lot of AMVs where the scenes are just the same over and over again, however ain’t the case when is about Beat O’clock. Fury


Oasis “When I saw this video, the first word that came in my mind was “brave”. I think it’s not easy to give life to such an idea without caring about all the negative aspects that it can bring. It was technically ardous work, with an uncommon idea, but Strat decided that he wanted to accomplish his goal, and so he did. I’m sure it’s not the video he saw in his dreams, because of the lack of some scenes and some skill, but maybe that’s the best part of it: as the girl of the video is looking for the truth, Strat is looking for a better version of himself, where he can give life to his dreams. Just wait and see.” Diegao


Ventus Fugit “It’s actually pretty good” Nostromo